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ARONSEN Literary Agency is a Danish publishing house based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Siri Aronsen founded the publishing house in 2006, and ARONSEN publishes Danish as well as international authors.

ARONSEN Literary Agency represents authors and titles in the field of literary fiction, crime fiction and non-fiction. We also handle film and drama rights on behalf of our authors, and we are very much interested in promoting our own national authors in international markets.

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The Haiku detective is the second book by Lasse Hjorth Madsen published at ARONSEN. The unusual crime novel revolves around the neurotic main character Matias Kaa who spends most of his time alone writing haiku poems. Despite his social disabilities, Matias takes on to solve the mysterious death of his boss, who one day – seamingly – commits suicide in the middle of the office. Matias and his helper Josefine is determined to find out the truth about their boss but are hurled into an inferno of catastrophes, including an unscrupulous therapist, a sexual sadist, a ruthless crime syndicate, his own unstable psyche, and hardest of all: love.

The Haiku Detective was published in Denmark in September 2015.

The Haiku Detective, Brief 


Sensitive Children is the first book in a series on sensitive people by the two Danish experts on the field, Athina Delskov and Lene Sonne. The book contains advice and tools for parents and health care professionals on how to support and help sensitive children. The book also has an easily filled-out questionnaire so you can determine if – and how – your child is sensitive.

Sensitive Children was published in Denmark in September 2014.

Sensitive Children, Brief


Following the success of Sensitive Children, Aronsen has published an introduction to the book, Introduction to Sensitive Children, also by Athina Delskov and Lene Sonne. This short book contains the most important information from the original title, along with the questionnaire. This way, parents and professionals can quickly learn the key elements necessary to support and comfort the sensitive child.

Introduction to Sensitive Children was published in Denmark in April 2015.

Introduction to Sensitive Children, Brief


Sensitive Youths is the second book in our series on sensitive people by Athina Delskov and Lene Sonne. This title contains information and tools to help young sensitive people between the ages of 13 and 20. These young people are often misunderstood by their surroundings, and their troubles are mislabeled as problems with puberty. This book contains specific tools and guidelines on how sensitive youths can be helped to function in school, with sports and in their families.

Sensitive Youths was published in Denmark in August 2015.

Sensitive Youths, Brief


Naturally Healthy Children by Anette Straadt is a book for all parents who seek to optimize the health of their child. Every time your child is sick, the parents hurt aswell. There are easy steps one can take to boost your child’s immune system and avoid illness and discomfort. This book contains helpful tips, tools and recipies to improve the health of your child, and thereby, the wellfare of your family.

Naturally Healthy Children was published in Denmark in September 2015.

Naturally Healthy Children, Brief


The Edge by Lasse Hjorth Madsen is a thrilling novel about the 36 year old Marion, who decides to uproot her life in urban Copenhagen. Driven by a romantic dream, Marion wants to open her own deli shop and start fresh on the windy west coast of rural Jutland, Denmark. But things are not all what they seem in the small town of Nørre Næsby. The Edge has already received incredible reviews in Denmark, and is now open for international sales.

The book was published in Denmark in spring 2014.

The Edge, Brief


We are proud to announce that the gripping biography on the famous Skagen painter Marie Krøyer is now available to the international market. Feel free to read the brief on the book The Passion of Marie and on the author Anastassia Arnold.

The book was published in Denmark in fall 2013.

The Passion of Marie, Brief


This autumn 2013 we also introduce another book by Anastassia Arnold, the famous tale of the love affair between Simone de Beauvoir and Nelson Algren, The Pain-Trap. Anastassia Arnold has read a large number of letters from Nelson to Simone not available to the public, and based on these a new and tragic love story arises.

The book was published in Denmark in fall 2013.

The Pain-Trap, Brief


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